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76 Prospect St., Gloucester, MA 01930

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  Come and visit us  at the corner of Pleasant and Prospect St., across from St. Ann's church. 

Parking located behind our store!  


 Hours (Now Open 7 days a week)!

Monday - noon - 6 p.m.

Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 7 pm

Saturday - 10 am - 7 pm

Sunday - noon - 4 p.m.


Hey Everyone!  We won!  Such great support from all of you!  The readers of Northshore Magazine

voted Savour "Best Wine Selection!"  Thank you!

Why Taste?
         Savour Saturday Wine Tastings 
        A Learning Experience by the glass    
The more you taste, the more you refine your
understanding and enjoyment of wine.  
By comparing different wines with us each Saturday, over time, you fine-tune your palate to identify and appreciate what each wine uniquely offers by applying your senses to wines' essential qualities.
Your Senses, The Bridge To Wine's DNA
See, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Savour

Observe the wines color, hue, age (by inspecting the rim color variation), and viscosity (by studying the "legs," 
as the wine drips down the inside of the glass).
Release the wine's vapor and aromas (by swirling to create the "legs.")
 Inhale deeply.  As much as 90% of the taste is olfactory. The first whiff of a wine gives you the most important impression . . . in anticipation of what is to come.
Experience the wine's
taste structure.  Flavors are sweet, salty, sour, acidic and/or beefy (the 5th taste, "Umami").
Enjoy each swallow.  Good wines have three things in common: balance, complexity, and length. How does the one you are tasting measure up?
*We use Riedel glassware exclusively for Savour wine tastings



  "He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savours secrets..."
~ Salvador Dali



A word about Pathways . . .

As many of you know, we provide an opportunity at our Saturday tastings to support Pathways  with a voluntary donation.  (Of course, you can donate any time - just drop a few dollars in the glass bowl).  Now, however, we are doing a "Match the Month" program whereby you can volunteer to match whatever we collect in a month, or any amount of your own choosing.  That means that every dollar you drop in the glass bowl will count for double.  We already have a full year of "matches," but if  there is a month you would like to contribute, please let me know - we may even triple our donations on some months!  Pathways just started its fiscal year July 1 and we have already collected what we normally would collect in 6 months! (Over $2000 in one month!)  Your contribution makes a big difference, providing education and services for our local children, giving them a better start in life and a brighter future.  So whether you contribute at Savour or decide to "Match a Month," we want to say Thank you!

                                                                                                    Kathleen Morgan

Happy August!
Such a happy month to live where we live...the beaches, the sailing, dining al fresco, spending time with all the friends and family who are never more excited to visit than during summer. Yes, it is glorious to be here. However, were I to win the lottery this week, I just may have to fly to Madrid...spend a few days going to the Prado (of course one must always invest in the arts), planning the rest of my life whilst chilling at the Plaza Mayor, indulging in Tapas & a little vino, then dancing the night away at the Puerta del Sol, so I can indulge some more along my trip. I would buy a big fat convertible with plenty of room to pick up enchanting Spaniards along the way, and travel the coast, dining & drinking like the Spaniards (& Anthony Bourdain!), shooting inland periodically to visit my favorite vineyards, restock the trunk with fabulous wine & cava & sherry...I'd better go buy a ticket! In the interim, I'll taste the wines we have here this Saturday, 
and be content. Salud!
Saturday Tasting with Harry Zarkades & Main Street Wines

All wines featured are from our new $14.99 section - exceptional quality at a great price!

 Saturday, Aug 10th
2- 5 pm
($5.00 suggested donation to Pathways for Children)



2018 Mariluna, Verdejo & Macabeo, Valencia, Spain ~ $14.99
Valencia has a long and proud history of vine cultivation, in fact, archaeological evidence suggests that wine has been made in the region since Neolithic times. Bodega Norte is located in the heart of this area and takes advantage of the mix of Mediterranean and continental climate to produce grapes for Mariluna grown using sustainable practices. These are wines that truly represent the culture and passion of the Valencian wine history. Mariluna White is made from a blend of Verdejo and Macebo. This is a very aromatic wine that leads off with floral notes that are followed by refreshing flavors of citrus and apricot. The finish is complex and exudes a richness and creaminess that are not often found in a white wine. Great with the abundance of seafood we're blessed with here!
2018 Graham Norton, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand ~ $14.99
Fans of the Graham Norton Show know to expect a few things: Graham Norton's wacky monologues, off-kilter celebrity anecdotes, and wine. Always wine. Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, regular viewers and co-owners of New Zealand winery Invivo, saw that he enjoyed a bit of wine of his show, asked if they could supply it, and the rest is history.  Invivo and Norton took their relationship a step further, partnering to produce Graham Norton's Own Sauvignon Blanc. The Irish celebrity presenter's foray into winemaking offers a Sauvignon Blanc that is fleshy and spicy, with notes of watermelon, peach, and custard. The palate is fresh and focused, leading to a gingery finish. It's also great news for England's animal lovers, as Norton's portion of the proceeds will benefit the Dogs Trust, the U.K.'s largest dog-welfare charity, a nod to his beloved pooches, Bailey and Madge. Bow wow!
No wonder my friend Maizy the terrier likes it so much! (Don't worry, she just gets an occasional taste on the end of my finger, just in case she has to drive me somewhere in a hurry!)

2018 Beaumatin, Grenache, Cinsault, Provence, France  ~ $14.99
Yes, it is a good morning when this wine is on the schedule. This is a  lovely rosé that's pale pink in color, with delicate fruit and floral notes. Fragrant, crisp and lipsmackingly refreshing, this gastronomic dry rosé from sunny Provence is bursting with fresh summer berries. It works beautifully as an aperitif, yet is versatile enough to go with a wide variety of cuisines.
2017 Telmo & Ruth, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chile ~ $14.99
Tinajas del Maule Winery was founded in 1997, when the Mena Undurraga family acquired old, established vineyards in the town of Villa Alegre in the Maule Valley. This is a colder area near the Andes Mountains, where the significant temperature differential between day and night allows therm to develop wines with deep color and intense aromas. This delightful blend, is rich and full-bodied with notes of dark plum, blackberry, cassis, toasted vanilla, and spice, while rounded out by a balanced finish.

2016 Mariluna, Tempranillo, Bobal, Spain ~$14.99
This is predominantly 40 year old Tempranillo with about 15% Bobal (a grape loved for its fruity flavors, soft tannins, and velvety finish, which happens to be the second most widely planted red grape varietal in Spain, and which we never hear of here. I love Bobal!) This wine is aged for about 6 months in French & American barrels, which lend notes of toast and sweet spices, and balsamic cherries. Good structure on the palate, pleasant and silky with well integrated acidity and a lingering finish. 

2017 Ruben & Flora, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere~ $14.99 
Cabernet Sauvignon - Carménère  Cabernet Sauvignon ~ Carmener is a blend of two dark red grape varieties that are both native to Bordeaux in southwestern France. Cabernet Sauvignon has become one of the world's most transplanted varieties, now found everywhere from California to Australia. Carmenere, conversely, has all but disappeared from its homeland and is now Chile's signature grape. The two are most often seen blended together in the vineyards of this South American country. Cabernet Sauvignon's classic structure, Tannins and blackcurrant flavors are countered here by Carménère's smooth, rounded palate. The latter grape variety also has some vegetal notes of tomato leaf and green beans. Caprese & a grilled Porterhouse...yeah!

Saturday, August 10
open from 10 am - 7 pm
(Special Tasting from 2 - 5 pm)


Check out our new display of what we have just brought in!

We also have a plethora of new chocolates from Philips Chocolate House, handmade since 1925. 

We have a collection for your selection of very attractively priced wines in our $9.99 section, and now we've added a $14.99 section for your shopping ease. Still great prices, but with a bit more complexity and layers to the wines. Come check it out!

~OPEN ~ 
SATURDAY        10 ~ 7

                 *OPEN BY APPOINTMENT



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