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                                                                 Saturday Tastings - each Saturday
                                                                                             from 2 - 5 pm.
($5.00 suggested donation for Pathways for Children)
Tasting of French Wines
with Liv Demond of Cynthia Hurley Wines
Saturday, February 8
2 - 5 pm
complimentary!  - $5.00 suggested donation 
to Pathways for Children

Auvigne Macon-Solutré, 2017 - $21.99

The Auvigue family has been working its vineyard for generations, closely following traditional Burgundy methods. They have a long history in the Mâconnais. The grapes come from family estates or are carefully selected from the best areas of the Pouilly Fuissé, Saint Véran and Mâcon appellations. To allow each parcel to remain true to itself, Jean-Pierre and Michel Auvigue always adapt the vinification process to the climate. The grapes come from the Villages of Solutré, near the famous rock of Solutré. The soil composition is sedimentary rocks from the Cretaceous period composed of clay and limestone. This is the pure expression of Chardonnay showing pale gold with green tints. Fruity and floral, embracing a mineral touch with white flowers, and a good length in the mouth, this wine is full-flavored and bursting with zesty citrus. The grapes are hand-harvested when fully ripe and pressed immediately. The juice is vinified in 100% steel tanks, with no oak, maintaining the bright freshness of Burgundy Chardonnay. The wine has always been a standard pairing for oysters (east coast when unoaked and west coast when oaked), but I love it with smoked mussels or a creamy crab and corn chowder topped with avocado.

Tour Campenets Bois de Fées, 2018 - $21.99

Lawyer-turned-winemaker, Emmanuelle Baude purchased a domaine in the hills outside of Aix-en-Provence. Under her care the domaine has been certified organic from the start. Bois des Fées is clean, clear, fresh, and refreshing. The crystal clear platinum color (with a slight green hue) easily catches your eye. Then the friendly aromatics entice, with a delicate nose of exotic fruits (pineapple, passion fruit) and white flowers. As you sip, the wine blossoms into flavors of peach with a generous mouth feel. The minerality and acid give this wine zip. This wine is made using traditional methods. To keep the flavors fresh and alive, the wine ferments at a very cool temperature and then rests on the fine lees to develop an amazing mouth feel. Only 5% of this appellation (Aix-en-Provence) makes white wine. This is a unique blend of Vermentino (70%) and Ugni Blanc (30%), resulting in a wine that is both lush and focused. I enjoy wines like this with cream sauces like Bechamel and Alfredo, but it is a wonderful pairing with full-flavored fish such as tuna and artic char, as well as a hearty bowl of Chioppino or steamed mussels.
Domaine Lagneau Cotes-de-Brouilly, 2016 - $22.99
Domaine Lagneau is owned by the Lagneau family, Gerard, Jeannine and their son Didier. They purchased the property in 1978 in the village of Quincie-en-Beaujolais, located on the slopes of Mt. Brouilly. It has its own cellar that dates to the 12th century. Currently, Didier is the winemaker, having taken over the reigns from his father.
This wine is a Vieilles Vignes, meaning the fruit comes from 75 year-old vines. The small vineyard of 1.5 acres consists of blue schist soils (considered to be one of the best) that sits at 200 meters on the steep slopes of Mount Brouilly. Côte de Brouilly is one of the 10 crus in Beaujolais. These 10 crus run north to south in the northern part of Beaujolais. The village wines come from the south. Côte de Brouilly, (not to be confused with the cru Brouilly) sits on top of Mt. Bouilly's steep slopes (like a chapeau). An ancient volcano site, the vines get plenty of sun and the granite/schist soil is well draining. It received it's own appellation status in 1938.
Domaine Lagneau Côte de Brouilly is everything you want in a food-friendly wine that's juicy, fruity and fresh - all thanks to the incredibly versatile Gamay grape. Put a slight chill on this Côte de Brouilly, and you can be sure of a light-bodied, easy drinking delight that has lots of concentrated flavor! Cru Beaujolais at it's finest.
The Lagneau's make the wine in the traditional Beaujolais method. Didier lets the Gamay grapes undergo semi-carbonic maceration (the grapes ferment in their own skins) and then the wine is aged in neutral concrete tanks. This technique gives the Côte de Brouilly it's endearing fruity, freshness. A great alternative to Pinot Noir (which can get quite expensive), this is a versatile pairing for roast chicken or pork and sturdy fish like swordfish and salmon. It is also tremendous with vegan and vegetarian dishes like lentils or baked eggplant and sings with goat chevre!
Tour Campenets Mon Coeur Violettes - $23.99
Nestled in the hills outside of Aix-en-Provence, surrounded by woods and waterfalls is where you will find Domaine Tour Campanets. Emmanuelle Baude is at the helm of Domaine Tour Campanets. She is committed to the environment and the domaine has been certified organic since 2012. The nose suggests succulent red and black fruits with notes of sweet spices. Round and delicate, the mouth is well balanced with beautiful smooth tannins and an invigorating finish. It's simultaneously strong, tender and juicy. Great with beef sirloin, mushrooms and even chocolate desserts. Certified Organic. Mon Coeur Violettes translates to "I give you my heart." (Perfect for your Valentine's Day dinner)! The cuvee is named for the French endearment that translates to "I give you my heart". This is a special small production cuvee. Everything is done by hand. Night harvesting of fruit for freshness. Traditional wine making methods. Stainless Steel aging with maturation on fine lees. The blend of Cabernet and Syrah is particularly satisfying with winter stews made of lamb, beef, or vension. Curl up by the fire, pour a glass for your loved-one and "give your heart."
Domaine du Rochouard "Les Argiles à Silex," 2017 - $22.99
Guy Duveau created the domaine and then retired in 2007. Today, the domaine is in the well-qualified hands of his sons, Dominique and Jean-Luc. They have 21 hectares of vines in Bourgueil and St Nicholas de Bourgueil, which is known for combining both structure and fruit. Their domaine grows 100% Cabernet Franc that is situated on sand, gravel, and clay soils. Since 2015 they have been Certified Organic. Everything is made on the domaine. Their wine embodies authenticity and sense of place and bears the signature of the land on which their grapes grow. This is the Domain's top cuvee, which is named Les Argiles à Silex after the soil in which the vines are grown. This superior clay-flint soil works magic with Cabernet Franc by imparting a pleasing (craveable) minerality to the wine. The vines are more than 50 years old, so this is a full-bodied, rich, elegant wine. We're talking 100% Cabernet Franc with aromatics of lush dark fruit flavors, hints of blackberry and mint, a touch of roast coffee and licorice. It is powerful, classy, and elegant with a long finish. They use mechanical harvesting and then hand sorting at sorting tables. The wine undergoes temperature-controlled fermentation, gentle pressing with traditional vinification. Ageing is completed in epoxy-resin-lined cement vats, with light filtering. I have always loved Cabernet Franc, particularly as a food wine and it would be difficult to find a better one (especially at this price)! I particularly enjoy it with buffalo - so ask me for my very simple recipe for buffalo meatloaf and serve it with a celery root puree and sautéed mushrooms, along with a simple bistro butter lettuce salad with a tarragon Dijon dressing and you will have one of the best weeknight dinners you can find!
Alright, - so here is the recipe
Buffalo Meatloaf
1 and ½ lb. ground buffalo
1 egg, whisked
¾ c. of Quick-cooking dried oatmeal (not the "Old-fashioned" kind)
½ c. of ketchup
1 small onion, chopped
½ t. of salt (or more if you like)
½ t. of pepper
(Sometimes, I add a ½ t. of cumin and a T. of chopped cilantro or a ½ t. of Ras el-hanout with parsely for a different taste). You can serve this with a red wine mushroom gravy or a spicy Chilean Pebre Sauce. It always tastes great! Mix all ingredients together with your hands, form into a loaf and bake in a 375 degree oven for 45 - 60 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes after removing from oven. Bon Appétit!
Next Wine Seminar
Tasting the Wines of Portugal
with Augusto Gabriel
Tuesday, March 3 (new date)
6 - 8 pm

                     photo courtesy of Google search

Join the native Portuguese wine expert, Augusto Gabriel, on a wine-tasting tour around the major wine regions of Portugal, from Lisboa to the Douro. We will start with cheese, charcuterie and appetizers, and head right into tasting some of the most delicious (and best value) Portuguese wines avaialble.  $40.00 per person (2 for $70.00) with 10% discount on all featured wines.

  We expect this to sell out with all the great values represented and a very charmimg teacher!  We are limiting this to 22 participants

Call Kathleen at 978 282-1455
Save the Date
Grand Tasting - Sunday, March 29
1 - 5 pm 
(First hour Wine Club Members Only)

76 Prospect St., Gloucester, MA 01930

978 282-1455

  Come and visit us  at the corner of Pleasant and Prospect St., across from St. Ann's church. 

Parking located behind our store!  



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