Savour Schedule of Events

Saturday Tasting!

Madeira with Jake Parrot
Saturday, June 10
2 - 5 pm

(Suggested $5.00 donation to Pathways for Children)
Henriques and Henriques Madeira

Founded in 1850 by Joao Goncalves henriques, the Henriques and Henriques house of Madeira has long played a role in island viticulture, and today, is the only producer that has continuously maintained their own vineyards.  The last of the Henriques transferred ownership of the vineyard to three friends with extensive experience producing Madeira wine, including Peter Cossart (of Cossart-Gordon, which produces one of my favorite madeiras).  Under the direction of the winemaker, Humberto Jardim, H&H continues to produce both traditional wines of great character, while preserving the less common grape varietals and styles ignored by more commercial producers.

Madeira is held in cask, steamed to oxidize and stabalize it (for 100 years)! and aged for many years before its release.  Madeira is truly an historic wine.  

The wines that go into "Canteiro" are aged in casks, usually on the top floors of the wine cellars, where the temperature is higher, for a period of two years. This originates a type of oxidative ageing in the cask, allowing the wine to develop unique characteristics of intense and complex aromas. "Canteiro" wines may only be commercialized once at least three years have elapsed, counting from the 1st January of the year following the harvest.

Madeira is the only wine that is heated, to simulate the effects of the old round trip voyages to the East. After harvesting the wines are fortified, to 17-20% alcohol content, with vinic alcohol, and stored in "estufas" vats heated to 45 degrees C for not less than 3 months. Afterwards it is allowed to cool very slowly to room temperature and left to rest for several years.

It is often written that Madeira wines have accompanied not just many fine meals but some of the most historic moments  in history....particularly the signing of the declaration of Independence of the United States of America.
Indeed Madeira wines have their own unique place in history, and drinking an aged Madeira wine is, as Winston Churchill once put it, is: "drinking liquid history".
Greek Cooking Class ~ Thursday, June 22, 6:30
Join me in exploring the cuisine of the Greek isles, where people bask in the sunlight and dance by the sea. We'll taste Greek wine while preparing 6 different dishes, focusing on technique and flavors. Then we'll sit and eat and drink and talk and eat and drink and talk some more! Opa!!! Space limited, reserve soon. $75 all inclusive.
Greek Dinner ~ Sunday, June 25, 6:00
Kathleen on Northshore Radio's Food Talk

WBOQ - FM, 104.9
If you want to hear the interview, which began at 10:37, here is the link:

This Sunday, March 26, from 10 am - noon,
Kathleen Morgan (me) will join host Billy Costa on "Food Talk" to discuss food,
wine and the art of pairing.  So, tune in and tell your friends what a great
food and wine experience
they can have at Savour!  (I think I am on at 10:15).
Spring Grand Tasting is Here!
Sunday April 9th
Over 80 wines to taste and try!
2 - 5 p.m.
Discounts - 10% off 6 bottles, 15% off 12 or more
Complimentary with a suggested donation to Pathways for Children 
Cheese Club
$75.00 for 3 months
$140.00 for 6 months

3rd Thursday of each month, pick up after 4 p.m.
3 Cheeses selected each month, prepared on a
hand-carved wooden board with accoutrements

Description of cheeses, wine, beer,
and cider suggestions included

  Pick-up after 4 p.m 


5- part Wine Series


Our next series starts in April 2017!

5-Part Wine Series
"Become a Wine Expert"

with Savour's owner, Kathleen Powers Morgan

$225.00 per person
$195.00 if paid in advance
Taste 4 - 8 wines each week, followed by a
food and wine pairing dinner!

 Each class meets Tuesday evening at 7 PM
4 consecutive Tuesday in April, starting April 4 - 
1st Tuesday in May

Call 978 282-1455
or email Kathleen to sign up today!
Class One
"Elements of taste"

Learn the proper terminology for describing wine, so you can always get the exact wine you want.  
Class Two
"White Wines of the World"
Taste the most important, classic white wines
Learn about their origin, terroir, properties, and food pairings
Class Three
"Red Wines of the World"
Taste the dominant red wine varietals
Learn about their origin, terroir, properties, food pairings
Class Four
"Temperature, Vintage, Stemware, Decanting, 
Quality/Price Ratio"
Taste the same wine at different temperatures, in different stemware, decanted vs. not decanted.  See how all of that makes an enormous difference in how your wine tastes.  Learn about vintages and how different one wine can be in two different vintages.  Learn how to get the best quality wine for the price, whether in a retail store or in a restaurant.
Class Five
"Food and Wine Pairing Dinner"

Sit down for a full dinner with specially selected wines to taste alongside.  Learn the techniques of pairing the right wine to the foods you are serving.  Taste eight different wines with the same foods to determine what you personally enjoy.  




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Wine Pairing - Stilton & Gouda
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