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Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 7 pm

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Why Taste?
         Savour Saturday Wine Tastings 
        A Learning Experience by the glass    
The more you taste, the more you refine your
understanding and enjoyment of wine.  
By comparing different wines with us each Saturday, over time, you fine-tune your palate to identify and appreciate what each wine uniquely offers by applying your senses to wines' essential qualities.
Your Senses, The Bridge To Wine's DNA
See, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Savour

Observe the wines color, hue, age (by inspecting the rim color variation), and viscosity (by studying the "legs," 
as the wine drips down the inside of the glass).
Release the wine's vapor and aromas (by swirling to create the "legs.")
 Inhale deeply.  As much as 90% of the taste is olfactory. The first whiff of a wine gives you the most important impression . . . in anticipation of what is to come.
Experience the wine's
taste structure.  Flavors are sweet, salty, sour, acidic and/or beefy (the 5th taste, "Umami").
Enjoy each swallow.  Good wines have three things in common: balance, complexity, and length. How does the one you are tasting measure up?
*We use Riedel glassware exclusively for Savour wine tastings



  "He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savours secrets..."
~ Salvador Dali


Saturday Tasting of French Wines at Savour!
featuring Cynthia Hurley Wines
with Liv Demont

  chapel with lavender and grain fields, Plateau de Valensole, Provence, France
  Saturday, July 20th
2- 5 pm
($5.00 suggested donation to Pathways for Children)

2015 Kubler, Pinot Gris "K", Alsace ~ $24.99
With its fairytale aesthetic, Germanic influence and strong emphasis on white wines, Alsace is one of France's most unique viticultural regions. This hotly contested stretch of land running north to south on France's northeastern border has spent much of its existence as German territory. Nestled in the rain shadow of the Vosges mountains, it is one of the driest regions of France but enjoys a long and cool growing season. Pinot Gris is naturally low in acidity but full ripeness is necessary to achieve and showcase its signature flavors and aromas 
of stone fruit, citrus, honeysuckle, pear and almond. Alsatian styles are aromatic (think rose and honey), richly textured and sometimes relatively higher in alcohol compared to its Italian counterparts. As Pinot Grigio in Italy, the style is often much lighter, charming and fruit driven. This is rich and full, mingling tropical fruits with citrus highlights, notes of clay and honeycomb. Bright, friendly and fun - a white delight!

2017 Vigneau Chevreau 'Rougemont', Vouvray, Loire ~ $25.99
Since 1875, the Vigneau-Chevreau family has farmed the chalky soils of this 69-acre Vouvray domaine, planted entirely to Chenin Blanc. The late Jean-Michel Vigneau began steering the family domaine in an organic direction in the early '90s and by 1999 Vigneau-Chevreau received certification from Ecocert. Shortly thereafter, the new generation of Vigneaus took the next step by adopting a biodynamic vineyard regimen, and is now one of only two estates in Vouvray to be biodynamic. As the vines have aged, the monopole Clos de Rougemont, from a small vineyard close to Tours, has even greater depth of flavor, and a delicious long dry finish. It is planted on pure limestone soil and vinified in barrel with natural yeasts and  a tiny proportion of new oak. A truly stellar Vouvray!Well balanced and complex with marked acidity, and flavors of pear, quince, acacia and honey, this is magnificent with Peking duck, gingered pork tenderloin, and bien sur, chevre!!

2017 Auvigne, Macon Solutre, Burgundy ~$21.99
Brothers Jean-Pierre and Michel Auvigue run Vins Auvigue from the village of Charnay-les-Macon. Auvigne is a name known in the vineyards of Beaujolais and the Maconnais since 1629. Brothers Jean-Pierre and Michel Auvigue run Vins Auvigue from the village of Charnay-les-Macon, the fifth generation of winemakers who started out in Beaujolais, their grandfather one of the first to commence domaine-bottling in the region during the 1940s. They only use organic products in the vineyards that are predominantly based around Solutre. Leaf thinning is usually eschewed and there is prudent use of oak in the winery. This Mâcon-Solutré is creamy and round with ripe orchard fruit, balanced by an elegant freshness. Great value Chardonnay from Mâcon that is
 a real pleasure to drink!

2010 Kubler, Riesling Britenberg ~ $24.99
Philippe Kubler (his Domaine, Paul Kubler, still bears the name of his father) is an intensely passionate, incredibly talented winemaker with a top-notch resume and, most importantly, top-notch wines. Beginning with the 2004 vintage, Philippe took over his family's Domaine. Domaine Kubler is made up of only 9 hectares (about 22 acres) and the average age of the vines is over 30 years-old.  He picks the grapes by hand and ages his wines in Alsatian oak foudres (big oak casks) for 8-10 months. The Kublers have been making wine here since 1620. Structured with flavors of peaches and citrus with telltale spices, this is unctuous and deserves a wonderful fish dinner with perhaps even a creamy sauce. Or with a little sushi on the beach... just don't let the sharks see. This would inspire a literal leap on their part!

2016 Qua Tuot, Roussillon Villages ~ $19.99
Jerome Collas's domaine is located in the heart of Catalan country. He selected the name "La Toupie" or "spinning top" for the family heirloom that was passed down through his family for multiple generations, and the balanced style of his wines. The name is chosen because, like a musical quartet, it's a composition of four grapes: Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre. Like music, Jérôme strives for a harmonious composition. 
Beautiful aromas of black fruits with a smooth and elegant lingering flavor. Tight tannins. The finale is fresh without the heaviness. Perfect for barbecues, prosciutto, red meats and full-flavored cheeses. 
Check out our new display of what we have just brought in!

We also have a plethora of new chocolates from Philips Chocolate House, handmade since 1925. 

We have a collection for your selection of very attractively priced wines in our $9.99 section, and now we've added a $14.99 section for your shopping ease. Still great prices, but with a bit more complexity and layers to the wines. Come check it out!

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